Welcome to our blog! Illustrative love is a small business currently selling on Etsy. It’s run by freelance illustrator Emily Hline and web designer Ross Brown.


I opened the shop in 2014 on Etsy but didn’t start selling until 2015. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in illustration from the university for the creative arts, and started an internship and developing my portfolio. I knew I had always wanted to work for myself and sell my own illustrations in forms of greeting cards and prints. It wasn’t until I participated in one or two craft/art fairs after uni that I realised how much I loved it, and it wasn’t long until I was introduced to Etsy.


At first I started selling a small collection of illustrated greeting cards and prints, but since opening I’ve started to focus on subjects that reflect the name of the shop. I draw a lot of inspiration from my passion for romance, nature and food. I often try to bring these together to create illustrations that best represent the brand I’m trying to build.


“The shall we dance bear couple was one of the first illustrations I had created that I knew was going to become a card and a print. It’s become one of our most popular items in the store, and I’m hoping to continue it’s success by bringing out a collection that follow the story of these two bears”.


“I often work in watercolours and pencils, but block printing using lino has become my favourite form of printmaking. I was taught it throughout university but had never taken a keen interest till now. I love learning a new skill, and especially one that I know will help me grow as an illustrator and to create new products with a more handmade touch.

In the last few months I’ve started developing more products involving textiles. I’m putting my lino skills to use and printing on tote bags, tea towels, and plain cotton fabric. This is when I decided to ask Ross (my better half) to join illustrative love because of his passion for craft making. He’s developing a new line of bowties and cushion covers for the shop using the fabric I’ve handprinted my designs onto


We’ll be constantly developing illustrative love into a shop of its own, and with lots of hard-work, passion, long days and even longer nights that Illustrative Love will become more than just a shop, but a brand. One that represents both the illustration and handmade market. Essentially, Illustrative Love is all about representing a hopeless romantic, passionate about creativity and inspiring positivity, strength and wanderlust.
So we hope you’ll follow us on our journey, it’ll be stressful but worth it.


(No images on this blog are to be reproduced without the permission of the artists Emily Hline & Ross Brown of Illustrative Love)

Illo Love x


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