It’s all in the technique

March, New Posts

At Illustrative Love we like to use illustrations that are often handrawn or painted in watercolours, sometimes even a mix of both. We’re also developing our printmaking skills, and hand printing much of our new collection.


We recently released our newest collection of nautical themed products, much of it has been handprinted using lino printmaking. We’ll be expanding hand printing onto notebooks and tea towels over the coming months, and will continue this throughout all our future collections.


You can shop our nautical collection at Illustrative Love now

I decided to start experimenting with lino printing after spending hours and hours trying to source companies that could print our designs onto tea towels, mugs, wrapping paper and tote bags. The majority of suppliers I wanted to order from I had to order in bulk which was something we weren’t looking to do just yet. Smaller orders would cost a lot more and it meant having to sell them at a high price, which wasn’t something I wanted to do.

After a bit of research and a few youtube videos, I got myself stuck into lino printing. I usually hate getting too messy, but since I started printmaking, I’m pretty much used to my fingers being covered in ink. I made a lot of mistakes a long the way (like using acrylic paint, a complete rookie mistake) and realising I wouldn’t get the same consistent print every time. But that’s okay, there’s a certain charm that comes with printmaking, and each unwanted mark becomes unique.
I spent a long time developing the prints onto the fabric, eventually I took a different approach and started using screen printing ink and a foam roller. This lead to a more vibrant and smoother finish, and was great for the bowties and tote bags.

I’m still a novice at lino printing, so any recommendations, and any help would be greatly appreciated.



(No images on this blog are to be reproduced without the permission of the artists Emily Hline & Ross Brown of Illustrative Love)

Illo Love x


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