Make & Mend Market

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We attended the Make and Mend Market at Grainger market, Newcastle on Saturday 4th June, it was our first time selling at a market stall so we were pretty nervous. We spent the entire week chaotically getting everything together, often working late into the night cutting out stickers and adding the finishing touches to bowties.

IMG_3248(Our Stall at the Make and Mend Market)

We managed to pick a good table that was close to one of the entrances into the market, which gave us a lot of foot traffic to our stand. It was pretty intimidating being surrounded by so many artists and makers who have been attending this fair for a while, so it was quite scary coming in as the newbies. But everyone was really cheery and friendly, and we couldn’t have felt more comfortable.


This was our first time selling stickers, bowties and notebooks, and new illustrations for our greeting cards and prints. We were quiet surprised at how popular the stickers were!.


(Our collection of stickers that we had on sale) 

Our most popular sticker “go with the flamingo” sold out pretty quickly, which is why it’s absent from this photo. Another good seller were the fries before guys and the avocado appreciation club.


(New greeting cards)

It was no surprise to us that our bears dancing together print which we had on display, had done so well in terms of attracting attention from customers. We had so many wonderful comments about the illustration, and a few even bought the print and card. We’re hoping to expand on the bears and do more illustrations for the collection, and develop more products for the line.


(Shall we dance? Illustration print, currently only available in A3 at Illustrative Love)

Update: it’s been a very hectic few weeks which is why this blog post has taken so long to publish. We’ve just moved into our new flat in Newcastle! (no longer moving to Manchester as Ross’s job location changed) and we’re now a business that’s funded by the princes trust! So we’re quite busy getting together new illustrations for new products, AND starting our Christmas collection too!

(No images on this blog are to be reproduced without the permission of the artists Emily Hline & Ross Brown of Illustrative Love)

Illo Love x


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