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I’m currently sat at my desk having lunch (Chicken Noodle Soup) on a surprisingly nice Sunday afternoon, with Bon Iver playing on vinyl, whilst Ross makes chilli sauce in the kitchen. I’m having a crappy day so I decided to do some blogging to help me relax. The chicken noodle soup is Heinz and its my FAVOURITE of all their soups!.

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I thought I’d talk about my studio/workspace in this post. I love having an organised messy desk. I like surrounding myself with artwork and materials that I can just pick up within an arms reach. Usually I have a drawing board on my desk for when I’m painting but, I’ve since taken that down as it was taking over my entire desk and I couldn’t rest my elbow anywhere!.

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The peonies are a new edition to my desk, Ross had bought me fake peonies for Valentine’s Day so they’d last forever and not just for a few days.  He also bought me fresh flowers that I have sitting on the window sill looking pretty. My fake peonies are sitting in a Fenwick shopping bag, I was given this when I was doing a commission for them last year. It’s now decoration for my desk.

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My awesome desk lamp is from IKEA, my mum bought it for me ages ago when I needed a desk lamp and she did a good job picking out this one! It’s great for when I’m working at night and the light just shines directly onto the artwork I’m doing. You might notice a cactus shaped light sat next to my Fenwick bag, I don’t use this one, it’s purely for decoration. I picked it up from Flying Tiger where I work part-time. It’s a snazzy little thing that was part of their cactus collection last year.

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I like to hang a lot of the prints I buy from other illustrators and artists on walls around my desk, it’s often these pieces that keep me inspired. I like to have photos pinned to my cork board along with a lot of random stuff, like gig tickets, postcards, and even a keyring.

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I’m working on a few various pieces at the moment, mostly plants related and I’ve got commissions to do but they’re usually for the weekdays. I like to spend my weekends doing stuff for myself and my shop.
Anyway in the time I’ve spent writing this post, I’ve had soup, demolished a smallish bowl of cheese and onion crisps, and I’m now munching my way through an apple.

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