Spring Collection

March, New Posts


We’re launching some new prints, greeting cards, bowties and handmade notebooks for our spring collection. We were really inspired by the current trends of pastels and geometric patterns and wanted to incorporate them into our collection.

“Since exploring the nautical theme in our last collection, I was really inspired by the idea of adventure. I started brainstorming the word adventure before creating a mood board around it. When it comes to adventure, there’s a lot we can associate with it, I like the idea of exploring woodlands/forestry, hiking mountains, going camping, and bears.

For Spring, I’m focusing on mountains, bears, and forestry, the mountains in particular make good geometric shapes for a pattern design to go onto all sorts of products. Talking of patterns and shapes, I wanted to do something where shapes would create an animal. I love making origami paper cranes, which was actually the inspiration for the notebooks. I took the theme of origami and started to look at birds, which somehow then lead to alpacas. I’m not too sure where the connection between birds and alpacas came from, but anyway this helped me to design the covers for our new notebooks”.



“I did a bookbinding module at university which was where I learnt how to hand stitch books. There were two techniques that I remembered being taught, the Japanese bind and the saddle stitching. I preferred the saddle stitch because it gave the notebooks a much cleaner finish, and my Japanese bind is pretty poor, so the saddle stitch it had to be. Its been a few years since I did some bookbinding, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have to watch a youtube video to help jog my memory.
There are plenty of tutorials on youtube and pinterest that will teach you how to book bind. There are a few tools you’ll need before hand.

A traditional bookbinders clicker awl,
A bone folder
bookbinding needles (they’re usually bigger than sewing needles)
bookbinding thread (I picked up some thick linen thread from a haberdashery that worked just as well)
Craft knife & cutting mat
Small bulldog clip

You can pick up a bookbinding starter pack from Amazon for a reasonable price. It’s quite a good technique to know, especially if you don’t like carrying loads of loose paper, instead stitch it together like a book, and it’ll make for a great little sketchbook”.


Here’s the round up of our spring collection, and what new products you’ll be seeing in our Etsy shop. Handmade bowties in green and blue tartan, alpaca unicorn and bear notebooks, origami notebooks (mentioned earlier), believe in magic unicorn print, hiding koala print, and block printed birthday cards.

Make sure to visit our shop Illustrative Love to see all these products and much more!.

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Illo Love x