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I’m currently sat at my desk having lunch (Chicken Noodle Soup) on a surprisingly nice Sunday afternoon, with Bon Iver playing on vinyl, whilst Ross makes chilli sauce in the kitchen. I’m having a crappy day so I decided to do some blogging to help me relax. The chicken noodle soup is Heinz and its my FAVOURITE of all their soups!.

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I thought I’d talk about my studio/workspace in this post. I love having an organised messy desk. I like surrounding myself with artwork and materials that I can just pick up within an arms reach. Usually I have a drawing board on my desk for when I’m painting but, I’ve since taken that down as it was taking over my entire desk and I couldn’t rest my elbow anywhere!.

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The peonies are a new edition to my desk, Ross had bought me fake peonies for Valentine’s Day so they’d last forever and not just for a few days.  He also bought me fresh flowers that I have sitting on the window sill looking pretty. My fake peonies are sitting in a Fenwick shopping bag, I was given this when I was doing a commission for them last year. It’s now decoration for my desk.

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My awesome desk lamp is from IKEA, my mum bought it for me ages ago when I needed a desk lamp and she did a good job picking out this one! It’s great for when I’m working at night and the light just shines directly onto the artwork I’m doing. You might notice a cactus shaped light sat next to my Fenwick bag, I don’t use this one, it’s purely for decoration. I picked it up from Flying Tiger where I work part-time. It’s a snazzy little thing that was part of their cactus collection last year.

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I like to hang a lot of the prints I buy from other illustrators and artists on walls around my desk, it’s often these pieces that keep me inspired. I like to have photos pinned to my cork board along with a lot of random stuff, like gig tickets, postcards, and even a keyring.

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I’m working on a few various pieces at the moment, mostly plants related and I’ve got commissions to do but they’re usually for the weekdays. I like to spend my weekends doing stuff for myself and my shop.
Anyway in the time I’ve spent writing this post, I’ve had soup, demolished a smallish bowl of cheese and onion crisps, and I’m now munching my way through an apple.

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Finding Inspiration

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“I never dreamt of success. I worked for it”-Estée Lauder

The designs and illustrations of Illustrative Love focuses on connecting to an overall theme of love. The idea of love can be perceived in many ways, we see it as a passion. This is what drives the inspiration behind each of our collections.
We’re constantly working on new projects from new ideas. Many of our current stock is related to a collection, a theme that projects what we love. The nautical collection is our newest, and we created this through our shared love for the ocean and its creatures.


“I find much of my inspiration in brainstorming, it takes quite a few drawings and a lot of chatting with Ross, until my ideas becomes sketches. I tend to find a lot of inspiration from my Instagram feed, I follow a lot of artists, illustrators, and makers. Pinterest is also a great online platform to browse through for ideas”


Like many artists, we get stuck for inspiration sometimes, and we wanted to share with you our tips for breaking that annoying creative wall:

Going for a walk/run and getting some fresh air.
We do this quite often, especially when we’ve been stuck in doors all day working. Often its a simply walk and some air that does the trick. If you’re in Newcastle, we find walking along the quayside helps. It’s quiet (towards the evening) and the views pretty good.

Take a break and make some tea.
When we’re really engrossed in our work, we sometimes forget we need to take a break and make some tea. Taking a break and coming back to sometimes gives us fresh eyes, and when we’re feeling tired, we drink green tea (we LOVE green tea) as it gives us the energy boost we need to keep going, also it’s pretty good for you.

Chat to people.
We’re often finding inspiration around us, so being around our friends and listening to their stories as we catch up on our week, often spurs a few new ideas. We’re all living different lives to each other, and its no wonder sometimes our inspiration comes from them.

These are just some of the ways we try to beat artists block, but if there are any tips you would recommend, we’d love to hear it!


We’re also currently taking part in #MarchMeetTheMaker on Instagram, it’s a challenge set up by designer and illustrator Joanne Hawker. Everyday we post a photo that relates to the subject of the day, it’s a great way to go behind the scenes of all the amazing small businesses taking part and support one another. We highly recommend having a look, its filled with creative posts that are really inspiring!.
Find us @illustrativelove as we continue through this #MarchMeetTheMaker.


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(No images on this blog are to be reproduced without the permission of the artists Emily Hline & Ross Brown of Illustrative Love)

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