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It’s a new year, which means new goals and big changes! We’ve been neglecting our blog for a while now, simply because we just haven’t had the time to do anything for it as we’ve both been crazily busy. Ross is taking a step back from the shop as he’s now got a full time job to attend to, and I’ll be running it solo!

In the past few months since our last entry, I’ve spent a lot more time in the studio working on the Christmas collection that we released in late November, whilst trying to set up our new website!. Our website is now up and running and you can now order from it. We’ve actually put a lot more into our stand alone shop than we have our Etsy shop, especially with the branding and the products.


I’m very focused on creating a brand from our name that best represents what Illustrative Love is all about. At the moment I’m using a lot of bright colours that really help to bring out the products in photographs.


Our Christmas collection promotional poster, we used this a lot in our social media to showcase our Christmas products. I like to use colours that I think suit the seasonal event that our products are being made for.


As our shop grows, I intend to expand our product range to tote bags, phone covers and even offer a personalised service. At the moment I’m looking into wedding stationery and commissioned portraits to add to our shop. Everything is still a work in progress but we’re planning so much for 2017 that I’m really excited to share with everyone!

Keep updated with us through Instagram (@illustrativelove) and on Twitter (@IllustrativeLve) and visit our new website at http://www.illustrativelove.com

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Illo Love x



Let’s go to the Market

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We’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks working on a multitude of projects, and preparing for an upcoming market at Grainger Market in Newcastle next month.

As part of the princes trust programme that I’m on, I managed to get approval for the Will It Work Grant I applied for, and through it I received funding for materials and products to test trade. We’ve now secured a place at The Make and Mend Market for Saturday 4th June, where we’ll be showcasing and selling new illustrated greeting cards, bowties, stickers, tote bags, and notebooks!.

The last time I was participating at an arts market was at the end of my third year of studying, and my good friend Grace was organising a stall for a few of us from our year. It was great fun, and an experience I really enjoyed, so I’m hoping I’ll remember what I gained from all those years ago and be able to put it into practice next month.


This market also gives us a chance to showcase and sell new products, such as our bowties that we’ve been rambling on about for months now. It’s taken us a while to get to the stage of being completely happy with them, we’ve been struggling with finding the right fabric, design and colour which best represents our brand.
Originally we had planned to sell our lino printed fabric bowties, but we weren’t 100% on the design, so instead we handpicked the fabric from various stores and handmade them into bowties.
I plan on learning to screen print when I have the funds to do so, and to print fabric through that technique. I found lino printing a little too time consuming, and inconsistent. So I’m switching to screen printing to keep giving our products a handmade touch.
(Handmade Bowties and Boxes)


Another one of our new products that we’ll be selling are sticker packs!. I spent a long time deliberating what to turn my illustrations into, but after printing them out on sticker paper, and testing them, I realised how much I love them!. I’m also tempted to get some enamel pins, and iron on patches made, but that’s for future me to sort out.


I couldn’t tell you the inspiration behind our new summer collection, I wanted to try out a new style of drawing that would be simpler to create and could be used and made into various products. Our ‘girl gang’ illustrations and stickers were inspired by my idea of creating something girly but tough and fun. Then from there my ideas grew to foods, quotes, and everything else in between.

(Fly my home, inspired by the new X files series I had watched)


I’ve been a big fan of tattoos, I have about 12 different tattoos all over my body, and I’m planning a few more in the future. This helped me create my series of watercolour neo traditional inspired illustrations for greeting cards and prints. I’ll be making a lot more of these illustrations in the coming few months when I have the time to just sit down and paint them.

So if you’re in the area (Newcastle) on Saturday 4th May we’ll be at Grainger Market where the Make and Mend market is being held, and we’ll be selling all of these goodies and more!. We’ll have a new post up on our blog next week about the market and how it all went.

(No images on this blog are to be reproduced without the permission of the artists Emily Hline & Ross Brown of Illustrative Love

Illo Love x