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ernestwatermarked(Sarnie Sandwich from Ernest by Emily Hline)

We’ve each got a lot going on at the moment, Ross is coming to the end of his second year at uni, and also has the big project of building our independent website away from Etsy.  I’m focusing heavily on finishing our business plan, and illustrating and designing new products for upcoming collections. On top of all this, we have part-time jobs, and potentially a big move to Manchester for a year. (Ross is doing his placement year). So when we get that chance to go out and relax, we take it!.

We are huge lovers of food, cocktails, tea, coffee, beer!. When we’re not busy we like to head into town, and try something different, often it’s either a new bar, restaurant or even tea/coffeehouse.


We’re avid tea and coffee drinkers, a lot of the time it’s to help keep us energised, but on a few occasions we love going to local coffeeshops and teahouses and trying out all different types of herbal tea. Quilliam brothers tea house and Curious Leaves (Grainger Market) are two of our faves for tea lovers!.

Apart from drinking tea, we tend to do a lot of eating, and the Sunday Market on the quayside is a great place for just that!. There’s always a mix of different stalls selling a variety of cuisines, and we’re often spoilt for choice!. The chicken Katsu curry from Tokyo Kitchen is a must for food lovers of Japanese Katsu curry, dare we say it’s possibly one of the best in Newcastle. One another week we decided to have burgers from The Grind, they were juicy, delicious and very reasonably priced!.

Another great thing about the quayside is walking. We mentioned this in a previous post, but we just can’t get enough of taking strolls up and down the river front especially in the sunny weather. There’s even some exercise equipment that you can use for free, they’re pretty fun to have a play on.

There are constantly new bars and restaurants opening in Newcastle and we love exploring as much as we can, and we always try to do it on a budget.
As Ross once put it, “I’m a poor student and you’re a starving artist” so we have to be careful where our money goes. Recently we ate a Turtle Bay, they serve up some amazing caribbean food, and cocktails that are 2-4-1 during happy hour (11-7 & 10-close). We would highly recommend trying them out if you’re looking for something tasty and spicy.


(Goats Curry, Cheesy Jerk Fries, and Goat Burger, Turtle Bay)

Nudo Noodle house is our go to regular for when we’re feeling noodles, sushi, rice and all things Chinese/Japanese food. They serve some of the best noodles in Newcastle and some of the best sushi too and at a reasonably good price. We both opted for some spicy noodles, and even though our lips had swollen from the heat of the spice, it was delicious and worth the spicy heat.

(No images on this blog are to be reproduced without the permission of the artists Emily Hline & Ross Brown of Illustrative Love)

We’re constantly on the lookout for good food restaurants, so expect a lot of posts in the future on our foodie adventures. Also if you so happen to be in Manchester and reading this, seeing as we’ll be moving in the summer, we’d love to hear your recommendations on where to eat!

Illo Love x